Welcome to National Human Rights Movement

  • NATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS MOVEMENT(NHRM) is a non profit, non governmental, secular registered (organization) corporation based in India. We are operating in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka for the purpose of providing easy-to-understand human rights education to adults and children and to effectively combat violations of human rights.

    We are covering the rural area development by providing knowledge of the all human being and understanding their rights with the local government activities this NHRM has purely worked on service oriented to get every individual rights.

    National Human Rights Movement was founded by Honorable Mr.T.R.Rajamohan. In 1997 and in 2009 he became a member of  Amnesty International UK (London) & Youth For Human Rights International (YHRI) now with him more than 21lakhs volunteers in India are developing their area under guidelines of NHRM teams.

    Our Movement is moving above 12 years in our Nation. It is only free social service to the people. We have no any aid for the service only a social work. In present time, our National Human Rights Movements is very popular and developed in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala & Pondicherry by our social work. Our National Human Rights Head Office is Mumbai & Bangalore (Karnataka). Our National Human Rights Zonal Office in Tamil Nadu. We have many Branches every District, Taluk, Villages and Town in all over India. We have international action centers in Nepal, Malaysia, Singapore, Qatar, Dubai, Mascat, Bahrain, South African and UK. Mr. T.R.RajaMohan  is Founder / President and Mr. M.Haja Moidheen is organization General Secretary of in this Movement.

1.National Consumer and People Protection Movement
(Consumer Care & protect our Rights)

2.National Anti-corruption vigilance council
(Anti-Corruption & All our Rights)

3. National People Rights Movement
(Tamil Nadu Members Holding Cards Only)

4. EL - ROI Foundation
(Health and Education Awareness)